Other Notices

Standards for the Targeted Economic Support Scheme (TESS)

No. 2019.3457 Supporting UAE Initiatives and Programs to promote Gender Balance

No. 2015.2020 Increase of the Cap for Contactless Card Transactions

Training to combat money laundering

Circular 22/99 - Standards for arranging and management by banks operating in the UAE of Debt Instruments issued by major companies

Circular 23/00 - Required Administrative Structure in Bank

Circular 8/92 - Penalty on Overdrafts in Current Accounts with the Central Bank

Circular 19/97 - Loans extended to Finance purchase of company shares

BSD/2334/93 - Central Bank Circular No. 16/93 Regarding Large Exposures

41/2001 All Banks, Finance & Investment Companies

2/355/01 - All Banks, Moneychangers , Investment Companies and other Financial Institutions Operating in the UAE (Including Insurance sector and Financial Markets)

BSD/1263/93 - Response to the Consolidation inquiries on Circular 12/03

419/94 - Notice to Banks and Finance Companies operating in the Country

All Banks operating in the UAE - Circular No. 14/93.

Circular 14/93 - Returned Unpaid Cheques, Current accounts, Savings and Call accounts

Circular 10/92 - Senior Management Positions

1617/99 - Notice to all Banks and Investment Companies operating in the UAE

23/2/1993 - Interest rates & fees applicable to Personal Loans, plus fees & charges on services provided to personal customers

2259/2000 - Cash Reserve Requirements

Circular 21/99 - Cash Reserve Requirements

123/7/92 - Amendments to the Central Bank Board of Directors' Resolution No. 123/7/92, dated 29/11/1992, regarding Money changing business

Circular 20/99 - Adoption of the the International Accounting Standards "IAS"

94-1986 - Advances to Deposits Ratio

‏Financial and Investment Consultation Establishments or Companies No. 164/8/94.

Implementation of the Electronic Commercial Credit System.

ICCS Going Live Notice No: 2963/2006.

Implementation of the Image Cheque Clearing System (ICCS) Notice No: 2222/2008

Facilities to Support Liquidity at Banks

Notice No. 6698/2011 - Migration to EMV

Notice No. 9278/2011 - Provisioning and Preparation of Annual Accounts

Notice No. 295/2014 - Banks' Holiday on the occasion of UAE's 43rd National Day

CB interest rate cut

Central Bank Circular No. 13/93 Capital Adequacy

Regarding Regulations for Finance Companies.

Minimum Reserve Requirements

Advances to Deposits ratio

Regarding Regulating of Money Changing Business in the UAE

Customer Accounts

Additional Procedures to be implemented when receiving remittances from Saudi Arabia

Consultation Meeting

The New Basel Capital Accord Third Consultative Package

Regarding Services Charges and Rates

Procedures adopted by the Central Bank to reduce ratio of Returned Unpaid Cheques

Online Suspicious Transactions Reports System

Loans Extended to Finance purchase of Company Shares

Loans Extended to finance the purchase of Company Shares

Loans Extended to Finance Purchase of Shares of Companies under Establishment

Direct / Indirect exposure to Local Shares

Frauds concerning ATM Transactions

Loans extended to finance purchase Company Shares

Emiratization in the Banking Sector

BASEL II - Challenges in Implementation Pillar 1

BASEL II Implementation in the UAE

4th Summit for Islamic Financial Services Board

New Expanded Central Bank CD Issuance System

ATM Fraud

Dollar funding against CD collateral

Security & Awareness Measures for Bank Customers

New 200 Dirham Currency Note issued by Central Bank

Dollar Funding through swap

Swap Operations (Dirhams/US Dollar)

Notice No. 209/2012 - Amendment of a number of pages in Circular Number 16/93 (Concerning Monitoring Large of Exposure Limits)

Circular No.3692-2012 - General Terms & Conditions and Loan Agreement-texts drafted and approved by Emirates Banks Association

Circular No.3695-2012 - 50 Dirhams Currency Note, Reprinted with New Security Features

Notice No. 179/2015 - The Central Bank put in circulation currency notes of AED 500 and AED 5

Implementation of the Electronic Commercial Credit System

ICCS Going Live

Implementation of the Image Cheque Clearing System (ICCS)

Facilities to Support Liquidity at Banks

Migration to EMV

Provisioning and Preparation of Annual Accounts

Amendment of Dage 114) of Reeulations regard in^ Bank Loans & Other Services Offered to Individual Customers