Thursday 13 June 2024

Thursday 13 June 2024

The CBUAE issues its 2023 Annual Report

Press Release

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Amending actuarial insurance data (individual)

​The company must notify the Authority of every change or modification that may arise in the data of the application for registration or the accompanying documents, whether it be an addition, deletion or amendment, which a period of 10 days from the date of change


Target Audience:

Actuary Individual


Office location: Abu Dhabi/ Dubai

Department/Section: Licensing  division

Contact Person: Licensing  division

Phone: 80042823

Fax: 97125572111

Email: [email protected]

1.Electronically submit the application on the system, by user name and password. In the event that the user is new he shall send an email letter requesting a user name and password

2. Complete the service form and upload it along with the documents in the electronic system

3. The completed application is reviewed and approved

4. The technical staff (key employees) shall be interviewed in the Authority’s headquarters

5. Pay the fees through e-services or through a smartphone application. In case the applicant is applying in person: Payment can be made through the electronic screen at the Customer Service Center in the Authority; and in case of a system breakdown: Payment can be made by e-Dirham or credit card at the Authority

6. The customer prints the Registration Certificate


Service Fees:

Draw a marker to modify data in an actuarial record of AED 1,000 upon extraction

Fee for delaying the visa delay fine 200 dirhams per month and a maximum of 2,000 dirhams per year and any part of the month is considered a full month.

Submission of the application electronically or through a smartphone application

Pay the fees


Attachments Required

  1. A true copy of the documents supporting the annotation data duly certified and translated into Arabic and the translation must be certified by the Ministry of Justice
  2. To change the address: a new lease contract
  3. To change the general manager, the change shall be made in accordance with the conditions of the law
  4.  To change the capital: Addendum to the Memorandum of Association on the capital increase
  5. To change the partners: Addendum to the Memorandum of Association, a certificate of good conduct for the new partners, copy of their IDs, family book for all partners, Non-bankruptcy declaration, and a 30-day announcement
  6.  To change the name of the company: Addendum to the Memorandum of Association, and a 30-day announcement

Estimated time from application to service completion is a business day - In case the main employees change 7 working days - In case the address is changed 7 working days - In case of changing the company name 37 working days "

Total transactional number

Service Name

Amending actuarial insurance data (individual)

Service Category

Insurance Services

Service Type

Individual Business Services

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