Thursday 13 June 2024

Thursday 13 June 2024

The CBUAE issues its 2023 Annual Report

Press Release

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Digital Participation

We believe that communication and feedback are fundamental to making better decisions as an entity.

We want to provide every visitor to our website with the opportunity to share their point of view and queries, so we can serve our stakeholders better. 

Our Digital Participation Policy

Two-way communication and your feedback can make a positive difference to our decision-making. Hearing from you also helps us to understand the needs of the community, so we can serve people and businesses better.  

Moderation Policy

The Central Bank of the UAE welcomes open discussion and constructive feedback to improve our services, quality and processes.  

Connect with us on social media

We are active across multiple social media channels to keep you up to date. Follow us by clicking the links below.


Participate and engage with our digital polls so that we can understand your needs better and increase the quality of the services that we provide. 


We value your insight, and use it to inform our work and improve our services. You can share your perspective by completing one of our active surveys, which you will find on this page.  

National Customer Relations Management (NCRM)

The UAE government introduced the National Customer Relations Management (NCRM) feedback gateway to adhere to best practices by opening communication channels with users. This gateway aims to gather suggestions, complaints, enquiries, surveys and compliments from users, to introduce practices aimed at achieving even greater user satisfaction. Click here to access the NCRM gateway and share your views.

NCRM gateway


You can view the CBUAE’s participation code of conduct under the Moderation Policy section by clicking here 

Yes, we do. You will find an overview of the accessibility features available within our digital participation policy here 

Your feedback will be published after it has passed the review and audit process that follows the CBUAE’s Digital Participation Policy. The policy can be found here.

To contribute to any of our current surveys, please click here 

Click here to view any of the survey results that we have published. 

Our polls are hosted on the CBUAE website for easy completion. Click here to view and complete our current active polls.  

To access any of the poll results, please click here 

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