Monday 11 September 2023

Tuesday 12 December 2023

Join The COP28 UAE –TechSprint– And Drive Change

The Central Bank of the UAE, Bank for International Settlements, EIF and the COP28 UAE Presidency invite financial innovators and developers from global private and public sector entities to participate in the global initiative "COP28 UAE TechSprint". The initiative aims to promote innovation and develop technological solutions and advanced projects to expand green and sustainable financing and combat climate change.

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The UAE Payment Gateway System (UAEPGS)

The Central Bank of the UAE introduced the UAEPGS in 2016 to allow customers of merchants connected to the service to pay their bills online, either by direct debit (through their bank account via internet banking) or via a UAEPGS member bank debit card. In the case of direct debit, the gateway redirects the customer to their bank’s website, where the customer authenticates by using the internet banking login.

The system’s efficiency and governance are ensured by compliance with domestic and international standards, and the CBUAE’s Rules document.

Minimum UAEPGS Participation Requirements

The Applicant must: 

  • Obtain the necessary CBUAE licences and adhere to its regulatory controls

  • Maintain the required account(s) with CBUAE

  • Obtain CBUAE Network Access Rights and complete successfully the CBUAE Services Network Certification Process

  • Obtain Application Access Rights and complete successfully the CBUAE Application Certification Process

  • (for Sponsored Merchants) Fulfil all system prerequisites via a licensed commercial bank (Sponsoring Bank) in addition to any other requirements from competent UAE regulatory authorities; and

  • Adhere to the “UAEPGS Rules” document

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